APL offers longer-term bridge financing for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold non-owner occupied residential properties for rental income. A Twelve-month extension is available for this product.

It’s a very real commodity that property owners across the globe need. Although bridge financing became trickier after the collapse of lending institutions across the globe in recent years, there are still competitive solutions and they aren’t all as expensive as some may assume.¬†With the right relationships and structure, bridge loans are once again available.

Basic Loan Criteria

  • Term UP TO 180 Months
  • Loan Amount$75k to $7.5M+
  • LTV:

Up to 90% of the Purchase Price;

Up to 85% Refinance;

Up to 85% Cash-Out

  • Property Types Non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential
  • FICO No set minimum
  • Loan amounts are determined by total project cost or completed value and not necessarily on income in place or the as-is value, although in-place income helps drive down rates.
  • Fast closing process.
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